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I am seeking opinions from Chihuahua and other miniature dog breeders on the compulsory chipping of puppies at 8 weeks coming into force April 2016.

I am personally all in favour of all dogs being chipped however I am very concerned at the insistence of very small puppies like Chihuahuas perhaps being traumatised by this procedure while so very small. The Government’s insistence that all dogs should be chipped before their sale means that breeders are being forced to undo much of their socialising of their pups by such a traumatic procedure. The alternative of having the pups tattooed is nearly as bad and the suggestion of having DNA profiling seems to be somewhat excessive. When the pups leave the breeders for their new home,     ( usually around the 8 week mark ) we strongly recommend that the pup is taken to the new owners Vet, whereupon they will be advised on a programme of health treatments i.e. vaccinations, flea treatments, worming and advice on the best time to have the pup chipped. I feel it is rather insulting to the new owner that our advice will be ignored and extremely stupid after their having spent a significant amount on the purchase of their animal. I feel that the legislation needs to take into account the smaller breeds and allow the Vets to assess when to carry out the procedure.

I would think that by 18 weeks practically all of the smaller breeds would be able to be chipped, which would mean that most of the pups were well established in their new homes.

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This is Rio and Caleb

friends from the start

Later to become one man and his dog

(Rio at 5 weeks)

Blushred Chihuahuas  



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