Recent Litter of Pups

 MM900040901.GIFChloe's latest litter 

Two girls and Two boys Sired by Oscar


These are the first photos taken of Dior's

fourth and final litter

Sired by Oscar 

Eyes Opened 9th January 2017

My name is Snowy

but what

is this

I'm in 

Eyes opened 9th January 2017

What is this meant to be

My name is


Not sooky

The photos below are of Dior's previous litter    


First photo of Dior's litter

A little peace at last

(I wonder what the wink is for)

Little sleepy head



I'm Dior's little girl

Just saying "Hello"

I think I will be just like mum

only male of course

I am a male  Blue Fawn Sable coloured



and I'm Told I have quite a personality

Yes I like it out here!!

This is great FREEDOM!!!!!!!!


My Buddy and I

What a hungry mob

A tender moment Dior with Joop, one of her boys

"I do like my rest"

Now for a


Who left that out here?

that's better I can see that stain now

A Mother's work is never done!!

So-o-o-o Sweet !!!!!!!

Such a corny caption !!


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