Dog Owners Manual

Discipline for attaining Leadership.


Amanda Zamani,

Animal Behaviorist


Leadership with any animal has to be earned.

No animal will follow an unbalanced leader. No animal will understand unfair discipline.

All animals look to the 'one'  who is always calm and assertive no matter what the situation. All

domesticated animals prefer to be a follower and to be balanced themselves. We owe it to our beloved pets

to be the leader they want and need. Dogs have a very strict hierarchy; The Alfa (leader) pair being the

dominant dogs, these are the only dogs allowed to make decisions, breed, come and go as they please, own

food and most importantly of all, instigate physical contact. ALL other members of the pack are

Omegas (followers) they are not allowed to do any of the things the Alfa pair can.

The followers defend the Alfa pair and their pups and assist with the hunting.

Whilst the Alfa pair has pups one female dog,'the matron' who has been picked by the Alfa female, will

share the duties of looking after the pups especially when the Alfa pair are away.

She will display a 'false pregnancy' lactate and will be allowed to feed and discipline the pups.

Until they are fully weaned they will be treated by the rest of the pack

with the same respect that they show the Alfa pair.

All dogs are programmed to protect the pack and all packs NEED an Alfa.

Where there seems to be an absence of an Alfa the most dominant dog will step up and take the role

until a more suitable one comes along or the established one comes back.

Dogs very much live in 'the now'  and don't reminisce on the past or imagine the future.

It is up to us to help the dog understand what is expected of it now

and for us not to dwell on what was or what had been.


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